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The Future is Now: Top Structural Engineering Trends to Watch in 2024

The Future is Now: Top Structural Engineering Trends to Watch in 2024

The Future is Now: Top Structural Engineering Trends to Watch in 2024

2024 promises to be an exciting one for us here at Ora Labora Limited, with a union of technological advancements and environmental concerns driving change. From the continued rise of digital tools to a focus on resilience and sustainability, here are the top trends that we are predicting are set to reshape the field:

  1. Virtual Site Visits:

As the construction industry races to keep pace with ever-tightening deadlines and soaring demand, traditional methods are being re-evaluated and optimised. One area that’s already experiencing a surge in popularity are our virtual site visits.

Working alongside approved teams of builders, our virtual site visits increase construction speed, minimise downtime and enhance collaboration between project teams, whilst enabling cost savings as a result of improved efficiencies and reduced travel expenses.

  1. Prefabrication Revolutionises Construction:

In a time critical sector, we’re predicting that the days of on-site fabrication are numbered. Prefabrication, where building components are manufactured off-site in controlled environments, is gaining momentum due to its numerous advantages. Improved quality, faster construction times, and reduced waste are just some of the benefits that we think will see prefabrication propel into the mainstream in 2024

  1. Embracing New Materials and Technologies:

Our team of structural engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of materials and technologies. In 2024, our customers can expect to see increased use of advanced materials like carbon fibre composites, which offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratios and can be tailored for specific needs. Additionally, technologies like 3D printing will find new applications in structural elements, paving the way for innovative and customisable designs.

  1. Resilience Takes Priority:

With extreme weather events becoming more frequent and intense, the focus on building resilience will be paramount in 2024. Structural engineers both locally and globally will be prioritising designs that can withstand floods, and other natural disasters. This includes incorporating features like flood-resistant materials to ensure the safety and functionality of structures.

  1. Sustainability Drives Design Decisions:

The fight against climate change will continue to influence our structural engineering practices in 2024. Expect to see a greater emphasis on using sustainable materials like recycled steel and timber, as well as incorporating energy-efficient design principles.

Beyond the Trends:

These trends represent just a glimpse into the exciting future of structural engineering. As digital tools become more sophisticated and materials science advances, we can expect even greater innovation and creativity in the years to come. The focus on resilience, sustainability, and occupant well-being will continue to shape the field, ensuring that the structures we build are not only safe and functional but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future.

The future of structural engineering is bright, and 2024 promises to be a year of significant progress and innovation here at Ora Labora.

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